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Resources on the website (updated on June 5, 2024)

What this Service is:

DAILY DOSE OF DAX is Analytical and Educational Service for German DAX traders, which exists for 5 years (from April 2019) of active, dedicated Analyst/Trader, with 19+ years of experience, providing:

  • MORNING NOTES - Easy-to-follow Newsletter 

  • Charts with S/R zones (very accurate Support and Resistance zones for CFDs AND Futures)

  • Additional large time frame charts for context

  • Email updates (one in the Premarket session, and during RTH session if necessary)

  • Recap videos - in the evening (Recap for Friday -> on Saturday)

  • Setups Gallery - PDF and PNG format (~1900 screenshots, covering 4+ years)

  • Saturday Weekend Update (usually as Email update, can be Blog as well)

  • Educational videos - covering Morning Trading Routine, Context going into the session, Trading CONCEPTS, Trading Setups, Trades, Questions, and various practical things in trading

You will get ANALYSES and opportunity to LEARN repetitive market behavior, CONCEPTS and setups that can be used in trading not only German DAX, but any other stock market index as well.


Do S/R zones work, where to see and find examples?


  • S/R zones in play:
    - ALL interactions with Main zones from the first quarter of 2024 are showed in this blog. There, you will see WHY there is a line: "Reaction is expected on the first test of Main zones", in EVERY MORNING NOTES.

    - in environment of elevated volatility, check this blog, where I showed every day of one of the most volatile weeks of Q1 2023 - March 13-17th. Daily ranges expanded from 200 to 480 points, and yet - the plan and the zones worked.

  • MORNING NOTES and Chart with zones are made in PDF format.
    Contact me on the email, I and will send you the recent ones.

  • How to use MORNING NOTES and executing using Chart with zones is shown EVERY DAY on my Twitter feed, AND with dozens of examples on Examples page. Some of them have Recap videos as well. On Before and After screenshots, you can observe market BEFORE the open, and AFTER the Regular Trading Hours close.

How this Service works

Every trading day will start with the Email Update #1 - usually sent around 7:00-7:30 CET.

You will get Zones Charts with Updated S/R zones for CFDs and Futures, and Early Market Observations.

This is hour and a half before the open - plenty of time to adjust zones, and to read early observations.

Next - usually around 8:30 CET - I will publish MORNING NOTES on this website. PDF file consisting of two parts. First part is INFO - informational blog-like section that will inform you of technical bigger picture, sentiment, scheduled data, earnings releases... Second part is TRADING PLAN, where some of the potential setups can be prepared in advance. This will present you  context and S/R zones of importance for the day, like from which zones buyers or sellers will likely react. Which are better zones and which are minor zones.

Along with the MORNING NOTES, comes Chart with Zones + Additional Charts PDF file. Inside, there will be Zones Chart - DAX 30 or 60 minutes chart with very accurate S/R zones. Zones are updated and adjusted on daily basis. After that, usually two Additional charts: large time-frame charts, for bigger picture and context. MORNING NOTES and Chart with zones together are package that will often provide a good road trip for DAX movements on that particular day. It is hard to miss, since I always announce material on Twitter. That is a signal to you, a Service user, that material is ready for download from this website.


After Regular Trading Hours, I will make Educational Recap video, which is a great way to learn, since it will not only cover opportunities and thinking process behind possible entry points, but also show some of the repetitive things in trading, concepts, setups, what market usually does, often cover correlation with SPX, and could also discuss some of the possibilities or scenarios for the next period. Recap videos are posted around 7-8 PM CET. Setups Gallery will usually be posted on Saturday, and it is a good way to quickly scan those setups from the week. It is posted in PDF format, and as a pictures gallery (PNG format). IMO, very useful to study, since many setups are repetitive. Every trading day is covered here, since Jan 1st, 2020.

On Saturday - I will sent Weekend Update on your email. This is 3-part update, consisting of Setups Gallery for that week + Takeaways; Weekly video, and list of most important scheduled data (and Earnings Reports) for the week ahead.

Subscribers only pages on the website


Besides pages that you can see now on the website, Subscribers have access to five additional pages.

DAILY DOSE OF DAX page is a place to download material and watch Recap videos. Rules and Principles is a go to page for information about Zones, Rules of thumb, and Principles in trading, with written, video and audio material. Setups Gallery page is location for reviewing all entry points and setups from the first working day of 2020. Educational videos page is a place to watch many different educational videos. Members Archive is page to find Recap videos by key words (like Trend Up, Trend Down, Breakout, ECB, FOMC, POWER RECAP...).

The general plan is to make this service to meet traders’ dilemmas and try to answer questions, so for that reason I made several special videos, like "How to Make Support and Resistance Zones", "Entries on a pullback", "Stops and Stop Placement". There are more educational videos than you can see in Education playlist on my YT channel. All of this is done as attempt to shorten the learning curve.

Communication with Subscribers: Via email, and Twitter / X.

If you find this interesting, you can subscribe on the Subscribe page.

Service cost is EUR 39 per month.

>> IMPORTANT - What this Service is NOT:

This is NOT a signal service, or live trading room.

I am active on Twitter, sharing thoughts about market behavior, charts, possibilities, and I have shared more than 1500 of my own trades, using the Plan from MORNING NOTES and zones from Chart with zones, using knowledge from Recap videos and setups from the Setups Gallery.

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