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About me


Hi. My name is Relja Radovanovic. Hard to pronounce for most people from the West, so you can just call me StrayDog.

I am trading since Aug 2004, when I bought my first stock on Belgrade Stock Exchange. Since then, I have traded variety of instruments, like stocks, commodities, futures, CFDs, Options. For many years I trade only stock market indices, through futures or CFDs, namely German DAX and US indices.

Tried many different trading strategies, and found that trading support and resistance zones is the way to go for me.

Want more information about me?
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If interested in Video Interviews, these are done by Dale Pinkert from Forex Analytix:

F.A.C.E. Interview from April 21st, 2022     |     F.A.C.E. Interview from August 3rd, 2022

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