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Last update of this page: April 17, 2024

Information about DAX sessions, 
links and abbreviations from MORNING NOTES and Charts

DAX Trading hours

German DAX trading hours

>>> DAX Futures Extended Trading hours were changed from Dec 10, 2018.

You can read about the changes in this article.

>>> Calculation of the Opening and Closing price of DAX INDEX, were changed from March 18, 2024.

You can read about those changes in this article (German and English available), OR in this PDF file in English, where I have highlighted the changes.


START of the Futures session depends on Daylight Saving Time shift.

It starts from 01:15 am ("winter time") OR at 02:15 am CET ("summer time").

Screenshots are from Interactive Brokers platform.

Regular trading hours = RTH session, always start at 9:00 CET.

Start of Futures session

We need Futures charts to get the info where are the Premarket Low and High values. Real time feed (Eurex) costs just USD 2 per month on TradingView.

I use Trading View platform for charting, and there are MANY available DAX CFDs on it.

The one I am using for Zones for CFDs is GER40 from Forex[dot]com, and I can use GER40 from Pepperstone as well. I am making Zones both for CFDs AND for Futures (ticker is FDAX1! for Continuous contract).

Note that there could be differences between CFD quotes from TradingView and your broker. Also, there is always a difference between CFD quotes and Futures. Sometimes it is better to use CFDs, because you can close partially if you have small account, and trade less value than with futures. But, when you grow your account, OR you already have a decent size account - it is better to trade futures. Better fills, less slippage, better regulation and lower commissions. 

Lingo (abbreviations) from the M. NOTES and Twitter feed

RTH -> Regular Trading Hours. Stock market trading hours, and Cash Index trading hours.
In case of DAX, it means 09:00 - 17:30 German time (CET).

PMKT -> Pre-market Session

PMKT L / PMKT H -> Pre-market Low or High values 

AH or AH session -> Afterhours Session - check the top of the page

ONH and ONL -> Overnight high and Overnight low values for US markets.

YH and YL -> Yesterday High and Yesterday Low values

ATH -> All Time High

LTF -> Large time-frames

cash close -> Previous Close of the Cash Index

LOD and HOD -> Low of the day and High of the day

PA -> Price Action

MGI -> Market Generated Information

LVN and HVN -> Low Volume Node / High Volume Node from Volume Profile

OpEx -> Options Expiry (Monthly OpEx for DAX is every third Friday of the month, at 13:00 CET)

Spring -> False breakdown, or Washout under Support, or "Look below and Fail"

Upthrust -> False breakout, or "Look above and fail"

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