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There is more stuff to trade than stocks and indices

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Ah... are you going to say there are commodities also, like Oil, Gold, Silver and so on? At least older traders are going to say that, and younger ones are going to interrupt you and yell - WHAT ABOUT CRYPTO DAWG?

Yes. But there is more.

Tomorrow, on May 1st German Market is closed - what to do when outside is shitty weather?

I could go over 700+ screenshots of best $DAX setups... or finally finish some of the blogs, or again read some interesting stuff (I bet you didn't know a story about Onion futures.)

Wait... ONIONS?

Yeah baby. Onions.

Voice from the background:

- But hey StrayDog, that must be a lonely case, now you are not going to tell me there are like idk, Potato futures, are you?

- Well...

- Oh no...

Yes, there are Potato futures. European Processing Potato Futures...

Yep, and as said in that article about Onion futures:

"Onion futures trading began on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the mid-1940s as an attempt to replace the income lost when the Butter futures contract ceased. By the mid-1950s, onions futures contracts were the most traded product on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In 1955, they accounted for 20% of its trades."

Yeah, digest that info - were the most traded futures on CME.

So, yeah, Butter Futures... as a part of Dairy products futures along side with Skimmed Milk Powder Futures and others... and all of them are a part of Agricultural commodities. And if this is not enough for you, you can find these table of Futures Contracts Specifications, for well known futures, and browse some of the tabs there. For how many of these you didn’t even know exist?

Well, OK… have to go to prepare some lunch, involving Lean Hogs futures, Onion and Potato futures, some Corn futures and Soybean Oil futures, together with Orange Juice futures. (All that without futures).



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